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  • Ebook - Build Your Foundation: 68 Building Blocks for a Successful, Rewarding Life

Author: John W. Carver III
Pages: 192
Format: PDF Ebook

Ebook - Build Your Foundation: 68 Building Blocks for a Successful, Rewarding Life

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A successful life needs a strong foundation!

John Carver has helped thousands of people lead happier, more successful lives. Now, in Build Your Foundation, John offers 68 short, easy-to-read ways to ensure a rock-solid, storm-proof life.

  • Maintain a sense of urgency
  • Leverage your past experiences
  • Cope with old fears and phobias
  • Plan ahead for unforeseen troubles
  • Persevere through difficulty and pain 

Whether you're just beginning to lay your foundation or you've already built your life but need to shore up some weak spots, John Carver's Build Your Foundation will help you fortify yourself for a lifetime of success and significance! 


John Carver believes in the potential in every human being. He helps show thousands of people every week what it takes to overcome difficulties and obstructions in order to go from mediocrity to excellence. His teachings are ancient as well as new. His organization, The Carver Group, opens minds to their potential and helps people achieve their goals and dreams. In today’s economy, America needs the words and experience of John Carver!




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