• Excellence Through Humor - CD


Excellence Through Humor - CD

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28 minutes of Classic, timeless, vintage Tremendous Wisdom!!

This program from US Learning's Insight Into Excellence Series is entitled Excellence Through Humor, featuring professional speaker, Charlie Tremendous Jones. It features some of Charlie's greatest insights on communication, learning from heartache, and incorporating humor into your presentation!

"Now, so I discovered early in my life they were not listening, and I would say to myself, "Why are they not listening?" And I figured it out. For me. Now, you have to figure it out for you. They were not listening because I had a bad habit of talking to people's ears. Now, everybody knows you hear with your ears, but you see with your eyes. Since I had only been talking to their ears their eyes decided they had nothing to do so they'd go closed for a while."

"But all my life I've been drug out to meetings, conferences, workshops, and all I've hear is, "Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen," and the more I listen the more confused I got! I finally caught on. I wasn't supposed to listen."

"What is managing? Interrupting your person's train of thought. What is selling? Interrupting the train of thought. What's preaching? What's teaching? Interrupting the train of thought to get them to discover what they knew. "

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