• Ebook - Science of Getting Rich (Abridged Edition): Laws of Leadership, Volume VIII

Author: Wallace D. Wattles
Pages: 64
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CD - Science of Getting Rich (Abridged Edition): Laws of Leadership, Volume VIII

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"The desire for riches is simply the capacity for larger life seeking fulfillment; every desire is the effort of an unexpressed possibility to come into action. It is power seeking to manifest which causes desire. That which makes you want more money is the same as that which makes the plant grow; it is Life, seeking fuller expression."

Wallace D. Wattles

Foreword by Charles "T" Jones

For many years I've written forewords to tremendous books. This is the easiest one I've ever written because only lifting quotes from the chapters could do justice to what you are about to read. When I read the first few chapters I wasn't sure I would finish the book because I got the impression it was all about money. I'm glad I was patient and persevered because Mr. Wattles provoked much thought and helped me see the wisdom of his principle and the absolute importance of thinking and doing things a certain way.

Here are a few tremendous quotes I selected from his wisdom to give you a taste of the feast you are about to enjoy:

You need not hesitate about asking largely; “it is your Father's pleasure to give you the kingdom,” said Jesus.

"Whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them," said Jesus.

You do not need to pray repeatedly for things you want; it is not necessary to tell God about it every day.

"Use not vain repetitions as the heathen do," said Jesus said to his pupils, "for your Father knoweth the ye have need of these things before ye ask Him."

I do not say that you should be hard hearted or unkind, and refuse to hear the cry of need; but you must not try to eradicate poverty in any of the conventional ways. Put poverty behind you, and put all that pertains to it behind you, and make good. Get rich; that is the best way you can help the poor.

All the promises are unto them that believe, and unto them only. Notice how insistent Jesus was upon this point of belief; and now you know the reason why.

Jesus saw in this desire for mastery the moving impulse of that evil world He sought to overthrow. Read the twenty-third chapter of Matthew, and see how He pictures the lust of the Pharisees to be called Master, to sit in the high places, to domineer over others, and to lay burdens on the backs of the less fortunate; and note how He compares this lust for dominion with the brotherly seeking for the Common Good to which He calls His disciples.

You may be the poorest man on the continent, and be deeply in debt; you may have neither friends, influence, nor resources; but if you begin to do things in this way, you must infallibly begin to get rich, for like causes must produce like effects.

Men get rich by doing things in a Certain Way; and in order to do so, men must become able to think in a certain way. A man's way of doing things is the direct result of the way he thinks about things.

You must get rid of the last vestige of the old idea that there is a Deity whose will it is that you should be poor, or whose purposes may be served by keeping you in poverty.