• Books You Read — Devotional Edition

Author: Charlie Jones
ISBN: 9780937539026
Pages: 275
Format: Hardcover
Publish Date: 1905

Books You Read: Devotional Edition

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The Preacher must inevitably be a man of the Book and also a man of books. A good portion of his life must be committed to his library. A commitment to the ministry is, likewise, a commitment to the study. Here the pastor's mind and heart come into contact with the greatest thoughts and deepest feelings of the world's leading thinkers. The minister of the Word of God must, in addition to his study of the Bible, delve deeply into many related areas, such as: history, biography, science, literature, poetry, etc. All fields of knowledge must be made tributary to the great task of preaching. Great preachers have almost inevitably been men who were broadly read in the great books of the world. If this book serves to stimulate a greater interest in reading on the part of Christians, it will no doubt serve a very knowledgeable and useful purpose in the Kingdom of God.


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