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Tremendous Leadership  has been sharing its 4-Legged Leadership programs with schools, churches and community organizations for nearly a decade. Nationally renowned, award-winning author, Tracey C. Jones, and her pack of best-smelling pawthors believe that leadership is lifelong learning and you're never too young to get started. With so many offerings to choose from, there's sure to be at least one that's a perfect fit for your school, church, community group or special event.  

Not sure which option is right for you?  Bark at us and we'll gladly walk you through the decision process.

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4-Legged Leadership Children's Titles Tremendous LeadershipBooks - Start your young readers off with a treasure trove of leadership books written by Tracey C. Jones and our pack of best-smelling pawthors.

4-Legged Leadership Programs Tremendous LeadershipProgramsTremendous Tracey Jones and the 4-Legged Leadership pups are available for school assemblies, reading programs and more. Let us help you design a program worthy of extra treats!

4-Legged Leadership Vacation Barking School Tremendous LeadershipVacation Barking School We're adding new programs all the time. Choose from our selection of programs and use the complete Leaders Kits to develop a program that meets all your needs.

4-Legged Leadership Curriculum Tremendous LeadershipCurriculum - Tremendous Leadership has designed writing, social skills and environmental stewardship curriculum based on the core values of our 4-Legged Leadership program.



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