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4-Legged Leadership Programs


Tremendous Leadership offers six 4-Legged Leadership programs. The programs can be combined or provided independently based on your needs.We provide entertaining and engaging assemblies, Meet-the Author visits, classroom Q&As, and more.

Tremendous Leadership brings its 4-Legged Leadership programs to public and private schools, faith-based organizations, community groups and more. Click here to see the ever expanding list of places we've been with our Pawesome Ambassadors. We would love to hear from you and help you craft a program that delights and teaches the children at your school or organization.

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4-Legged Leadership Programs

Boxcar Indy A Square Dog in a Round World

Boxcar Indy A Square Dog in a Round World (K-5)

Indy is different.  But what troubles him at first, becomes the things that turns his world around. Experience the world through the eyes of a lovable, square friend.

Takeaways: Acceptance, Kindness, Self-Esteem, Fitting In, Family, Using Your Gifts 

Boxcar Indy Goes to Doggy World

Boxcar Indy Goes to Doggy World (K-5)

When Boxcar Indy decides he would like to take a trip to the tremendous Doggy World, he realizes that there is a lot to learn about finances, goals and how to save money.  

Takeaways: Goal Setting, Financial Literacy and Responsibility, Self-Control, Hard Work, Delayed Gratification, Teamwork 


From Underdog to Wonderdog

From Underdog to Wonderdog (K-5)

Mr. Blue is a leadership, really. He has 10 tips that will help students realize their true potential and start taking steps toward becoming the leaders of tomorrow.  

Takeaways: Work Ethic, Kindness, Bullying, Enthusiasm, Openness to Experience, Accountability, Resiliency, Lifelong Learning, Friendship 

Indy Takes A Walk

Indy Takes a Walk (K-5)

Boxcar Indy loves to go for a good hike. In this adventure, he teaches children respect for the natural world while also giving them a taste of what it's like to walk a mile in his paws.  

Takeaways: Environmental Stewardship, Respect, Empathy, Acceptance. Responsibility, Accountability, Teaching Others 

No, No Roscoe

No, No Roscoe (Pre-K to 2)

Roscoe is a rascally pup and has a knack for getting into all sorts of trouble. With the help of his friends, he learns the value of following the rules.

Takeaways: Obedience, Accountability, Consequences


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