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Vacation Barking School

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From Underdog to Wonderdog!

Leadership is lifelong learning and you're never too young to get started. From Underdog to Wonderdog gives you everything you need to plan and launch your Vacation Barking School program to Wonderdog status!  Whether your program is a few days long or stretches over the entire summer, From Underdog to Wonderdog is flexible and can easily be tailored to a perfect fit.  

10 Stage Leadership Program

  • Themed lessons for each week
  • Weekly emails to keep all the Wonderdogs interested and engaged
  • Games, projects, crafts, snacks and more
  • Materials lists for each activity to make prep-time easier
  • Easy to follow outlines for each activity
  • Optional elements and packages to customize your program and bring it to full Wonderdog status


Boxcar Indy's Lend A Helping Paw Program

Boxcar Indy’s Lend A Helping Paw Program helps children discover new ways to save that go far beyond individual financial responsibility.  The program aims to reinforce the concepts of individual financial literacy and expand on them through the implementation of a community project to benefit a local organization.  By making the process fun and enjoyable, children build upon the concepts they already know and also have the opportunity to practice them in a controlled environment with clear goals and objectives.

Dog's Eye View of the Program

  • 10 flexible lessons that can be structured to blend into a variety of program durations  
  • Weekly lesson plans with specific areas of focus including: teamwork, budgets, workplans, project management, and more
  • Partner outreach and marketing kit to engage credit unions and community partners
  • Instructions for integrating the “Bark Tank Panel” into the process as a means of introducing children to grant funding, partnerships and shared responsibility
  • Guidelines for planning a Doggy World Carnival celebration at the completion of the program.

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