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  • 5 Love Languages Of Children

Author: Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell
ISBN: 9780802403476
Pages: 221
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2012

5 Love Languages Of Children

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Since 1992, Dr. Gary Chapman's bestselling book, The 5 Love Languages, has helped more than 300,000 couples develop stronger, more fulfilling relationships by teaching them to speak one another's love languages. Chapman teams with Dr. Ross Campbell, author of the bestseller, How to Really Love Your Child, to help parents speak their child's love language and make them feel loved in a way they understand.

Each child, like an adult, expresses and receives love best through one of five different communication styles. This truth can work against parents who speak different love languages than their children. However, when properly prepared, moms and dads can use this information to help them meet their children's deepest emotional needs.

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