• MP3 - 7 Golden Rules Of Milton Hershey


MP3 - 7 Golden Rules Of Milton Hershey

MP3 - 7 Golden Rules Of Milton Hershey


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"When I left home as a boy to tackle the job of making a living, my mother gave me some good advice. She said, 'Milton, you are now going out into the world to make a man of yourself. My best advice to you is when you tackle a job stick to it until you have mastered it.' I never have forgotten those words and now when I think of the chocolate business and the way it has grown, I think it was my mother's advice that spurred me on and helped me to overcome my obstacles.

"You can only make money by giving people what they want, and by making good use of your opportunities. When I started making chocolate, I didn't follow the policies of those already in the business. If I had, I would never have made a go of it. Instead, I started out with the determination to make a better nickel chocolate bar than any of my competitors made, and I did so."

Milton Hershey

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