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  • Billionaire: Secrets to Success

Author: Bill Bartmann
ISBN: 9781933715162
Pages: 126
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2006

Billionaire: Secrets to Success

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There have been plenty of books written on the topic of Success & Failure. This book is remarkably different from all the rest. Billionaire: Secrets of Success is the first success and failure book written by a person who has personally experienced being a millionaire three times, being bankrupt twice, and being a billionaire once.

Bill's successes have been the subject of more than 470 news articles in publications ranging from "Forbes," "Fortune," "BusinessWeek," "Inc.," "People," "The Wall Street Journal," and "USA Today."

The author's unique journey from poverty to being the twenty-fifth wealthiest person in America, with several ups and downs along the way, has given him an amazingly unique perspective from which to share his experiences and the lessons he learned. He shares with the reader his nine principles for attaining success. These nine principles are not the product of some academic conclusion. Bill has personally tested these nine principles, not once, not twice, not three times, but four times over the past twenty five years . . . and they have worked every time.

These nine principles work for all, no matter education, social status, financial situation, or how many times they failed in the past. Here is what these nine principles did for him, and they can do the same thing for anyone.

Bill's book is also unique in that it explains in plain language the mechanics of the mental processes that guarantee our success or our failure. Once you understand how these processes work, you can begin to change your life. It is not too late! No matter where you are or what you have done or failed to do . . . you can become the person you deserve to be!

Let Bill show you the way.

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