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  • Courage: Winning Life's Toughest Battles

Author: Edwin Louis Cole
ISBN: 9781931682053
Pages: 168
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1905

Courage: Winning Life's Toughest Battles

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The book COURAGE is a call to all who want to be champions, a challenge for all young men who desire to be a success in life, an exhortation to live!

From the streets of New York to the mountains of Nepal, young men and old are fighting a war waged against them, both physically and spiritually, by the enemy of their souls.

More than ever before in history, young men must be trained to be men and have the courage to live in that manhood. If you have the guts to do more than wallow in a moral morass of mediocrity, this book is for you!

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