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  • Ebook - Boxcar Indy: A Square Dog in a Round World

Author: Tracey C. Jones
Pages: 32
Format: PDF Ebook

EBOOK - Boxcar Indy: A Square Dog in a Round World

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Boxcar indy

Boxcar Indy is the new full-color, hardcover children's book from Tracey C. Jones with pictures by Neil McMillin. 


Boxcar Indy is a square dog in a round world.

 Boxcar Indy Image 2
 Boxcar Indy Image 3


But what makes him different makes him special!

Boxcar Indy Image 4

Sometimes the best way to fit in is to stand out.

Introduce your children and grandchildren to Boxcar Indy. It's a story they'll treasure and a friend they'll never forget!  


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