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  • Ebook - From Underdog to Wonderdog: Top Ten Ways to Lead Your Pack

Author: Mr. Blue with Tracey C. Jones
Pages: 54
Format: PDF Ebook

EBOOK - From Underdog to Wonderdog: Top Ten Ways to Lead Your Pack

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The children's companion to
True Blue Leadership: Top 10 Tricks from the Chief Motivational Hound!


What's the Difference Between a Wonderdog and an Underdog?

A Wonderdog Gets Bones...

...and an Underdog Gets Fleas!


It can be tough growing up. I should know! I used to be a pup just like you and boy did I have it ruff. I was lucky, though, because I had some great teachers (like my grandpaw Charlie "Tremendous" Jones) who taught me a lot of really pawsome things that kept me out of the doghouse and made me the pawsitive Wonderdog that I am today.

I'm furever barkful that I got the chance to learn those wonderful lessons -- and that's why I want to share them with you. You're going to learn really important things like 

  • The value of work
  • How to get and give respect
  • What to do about a bully
  • How to look (and act) your best
  • The importance of learning
  • The power of enthusiasm
  • And other great lessons that can turn an underdog into a Wonderdog

Without these lessons, you might go through life chasing your own tail while scratching for fleas! You don't want that!

Learn these lessons and you can be a Wonderdog -- and get all the bones and treats you want while you lead your pack!

—Mr. Blue

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