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  • Ebook - Saucy Aussie Living: Top 10 Tricks for Getting a Second Leash on Life

Author: Ruby Red with Tracey C. Jones
Pages: 74
Format: PDF Ebook

EBOOK - Saucy Aussie Living: Top 10 Tricks for Getting a Second Leash on Life

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Confessions of a Reformed Out-of-Bounds Hound!

Sooner or later, everyone needs a second chance! Need to learn some new tricks to get a second leash on life? Then read on!

Ruby Red is a six-year-old Australian Shepherd who began life on the wrong side of the tracks, with a bad attitude and “issues.” But all that changed when she learned the tricks that allowed her inner beauty to shine and her inner voice to bark.

Life doesn’t happen by accident. We either actively participate and make the changes that need to be made—or we stagnate where we stand and become bitter instead of better. In Saucy Aussie Living, Ruby Red reveals what she learned as she went from “broken and muzzled” to Chief Excitement Officer of Tremendous Life Books.

Second Chances. New Leashes. We all deserve one. The great thing is that they’re waiting for us to grab. And Ruby Red will tell us exactly how!

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