• Ebook - You Can... Expect a Miracle!: The Book to Change Your Life

Author: John Hinwood
Pages: 165
Format: Paperback

Ebook - You Can... Expect a Miracle!: The Book to Change Your Life

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If you believe that miracles won't happen to you, then this book will change those beliefs. You'll discover that you can have your own miracles!

  • Miracles are for everybody... you don't have to be a goody two shoes!
  • Miracles will come your way, just when you don't expect them!
  • You can get what you wish for; knowing how to wish is the secret!
  • To get your miracles you need to know what a miracle looks like!

To show you how easy it is, in this powerful book the Expect-a-Miracle! man , Dr. John Hinwood, shares real life personal experiences of his own, as well as those of his friends. He will get you creating miracles in your own life.

You'll discover the simple secrets and philosophies that are your stepping stones for miracle magic in your everyday life.

Keep You Can Expect a Miracle! by your pillow to read again and again, not only for the stories that will touch your heart, but whenever you need a miracle... that source of inspiration that takes the perspiration out of life!

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