• Four Elements of Success: A Simple Personality Profile That Will Transform Your Team

Author: Laurie Beth Jones
ISBN: 9780785208884
Pages: 253
Format: Hardcover
Publish Date: 2005

Four Elements of Success: A Simple Personality Profile That Will Transform Your Team

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Laurie Beth Jones, management expert and business consultant extraordinaire, noticed that none of the personality/temperament profiles in the market today provided a tool that was simple, visual, intuitive, and powerful enough to create a shift in thinking as well as relating. So she developed The Path Elements Profile (PEP), which can be used in recruitment, placement, retention, team building, and customer relations as businesses transform many individuals into a harmonizing, humming force for good. Within the framework of the book will be scriptural examples as well as modern day business stories.

Based upon the elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, the Path Elements Profile helps determine both individual and team behavioral tendencies that affect everything from career choice to daily "to do" lists. We choose to act on what we value, and each element type values very different things:

Fire personality types love and thrive on challenge. Water personality types thrive on harmony and calm. Wind personality types love chaos and change. Earth personality types love order and structure.

PART I of this book provides an overview of the elements themselves as individual personality types. Jones will explain each element's strengths and challenges and will have the readers identify their own as well as those of their team members.

Then in PART II, readers will assess their teams. There are 28 one-day principles, that, if followed will take readers on a simple yet radical journey to a transformed workplace.

INCLUDES an Assessment Test for Your Team's Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses

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