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  • Go For The Magic: The Five Secrets Behind a Magical, Miraculous Way of Life

Author: Pat Williams
ISBN: 9780785270942
Pages: 238
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1998

Go For The Magic: The Five Secrets Behind a Magical, Miraculous Way of Life

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There's something unusual in the air in Orlando, Florida. Pat Williams sensed it even before he moved there to become general manager of one of the NBA's newest and hottest basketball teams, the Orlando Magic. The feeling in Orlando is that anything is possible, that anyone is capable of turning his or her wildest dreams into glorious reality.

In Go for the Magic Williams shows you how this magic can work for you — and how it can help you realize the most important goals in your life.

Williams now knows that Orlando's singular brand of magic is due in large part to the efforts of one exceptional man: the late Walt Disney. Disney's unfetterred imagination and unbending determination brought the magic of Disney World to Orlando. In turn, Pat Williams used Disney's principles of success to shape the Orlando Magic into a dream team for the '90s and beyond — a team that's racking up high scores on the court and high returns at the box office.

Go for the Magic introduces you to Disney's straightforward, five-fold strategy for success, and it offers hundreds of inspiring examples from the lives of those who have followed these principles to astounding success. Wielding extraordinary storytelling skills, Williams offers glimpses into his own life, Disney's life, and the lives of celebrities from Shaquille O'Neal to Larry King and Dr. Seuss. There are also unforgettable stories drawn from the experiences of scores of others who are less well known, but no less noteworthy.

Throughout the book, Williams shows you how a foundation in faith, imagination, and personal excellence can effect positive change in your life. Go for the Magic gives you the means and inspiration to transform your dreams into tomorrow's success story. As Pat Williams will show you, magic isn't exclusive to Orlando, it's found anywhere you look — as long as you make it happen.

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