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  • I Can, You Can Too!

Author: Mamie McCullough
ISBN: 9781562925727
Pages: 261
Format: Hardcover
Publish Date: 1905

I Can, You Can Too!

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You too can "grow" — not just "go" — through life, overcome impossible circumstances, and experience the ultimate fulfillment of happiness and success! The dramatic life story of the "I Can!" lady, Mamie McCullough, is sure proof that positive attitudes bring you remarkable achievement and deep satisfaction.

Practical, realistic, and endlessly enthusiastic, Mamie reveals the twelve secrets to healthy self-esteem and certain success. She will inspire you to become a self-starter, an optimistic thinker, and a courageous achiever of your full, God-given potential.

Catch her powerful excitement and discover that "you can, too!"

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