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  • I Inherited a Fortune!

Author: Paul J. Meyer
ISBN: 9781565303065
Pages: 266
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1905

I Inherited a Fortune!

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When Paul J. Meyer proclaims, I INHERITED A FORTUNE!, he is not boasting about money... athough he is a multi-millionaire. He is not confessing that he was given anything for nothing... because all that he has, he earned with his own dogged determination. The fortune most precious to Paul J. Myer is his indomitable positive attitude coupled with a wealth of love, encouragement, and values given him by his parents... a fortune he gives freely to every person he meets.

These warm remembrances from the remarkable life and career of Paul J Meyer are not only lessons for living, they are studies in success. His uniquely positive view of the world, combined with his entrepreneurial expertise, has helped to create a family enterprise that has spanned the worlds of publishing, education, finance, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, and much more.

The successful thoughts of a successful person speak powerfully, and these selections from the journals of one of the world's most positive people are like keys to a treasure chest. Open it up and share with Paul J. Meyer his vast "inheritance" of wisdom, strength, faith, hope, and most of all, his key philosophy that "ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!" Share, too, an appreciation of the simple blessings of life, a strong work ethic, and an unshakable faith in our Creator.

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