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  • Leaving A Legacy

Author: Jim Paluch
ISBN: 9780937539323
Pages: 196
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1905

Leaving A Legacy

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Will you leave a legacy? Caring enough to take action and make a difference is what Leaving a Legacy is all about. You will learn through the lives of its seven wonderful characters that life's experiences give us all the wisdom we need to leave a legacy when we find the courage to take action.

Jim Paluch is an energizing speaker and has earned the right to be called motivational novelist. His first book, Five Important Things, released in 1996, has touched thousands of people around the world with an unforgettable story about a young entrepreneur, his family, and their journey towards success.

In Leaving a Legacy, Paluch carries on the style deemed "riveting," "spell-binding," and "heartwarming" with another life-changing story that causes readers young and old to realize it's never too early or late to apply wisdom, take action and make a difference!

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