• Master's Indwelling

Author: Andrew Murray
ISBN: 9780883688434
Pages: 222
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2002

Master's Indwelling

Master's Indwelling

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You're living in Christ. You've accepted Him as Savior and you're doing everything in your power to live the good Christian life. You go to church, you tithe, you read your Bible, you pray. You're doing all the things a Christian should do. You're living in Christ. But is He living in you? Has he swept and cleared out every cobweb in your life? Or are you tightly gripping the broom yourself? Does His spirit motivate your every thought and action? Or is your Christian walk just a performance, an act that masks the emptiness inside?He's called us to more than a game of charades. He's invited us to taste the truly Christ-filled life.You're already in Christ; now let Him be in you. It's time for The Master's Indwelling.

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