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  • Power of 2 (Paperback): Win BIG with People in Your Work and in Life

Author: Anthony C Scire
ISBN: 9780938716150
Pages: 173
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2002

Power of 2 (Paperback): Win BIG with People in Your Work and in Life

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One positive dream is more powerful than a thousand negative realities.

In the tradition of Dale Carnegie's classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Power of 2 cuts to the core of what it takes to win BIG with people so you can excel in all areas of your work and life. it is an easy-to-read, contemporary approach to starting and building relationships and solving people problems.

This extraordinarily brilliant, people-focused book is based on Tony's experiences in building mutually beneficial relationships all over the world. He reveals the proven methods and skills he has used as a top leader in business and life for over 27 years.

The Power of 2 is not a theory book or a "quick fix." It presents timeless principles for building productive, enduring relationships -- key ingredients to success and happiness.

Tony shares pertinent anecdotes and penetrating insights from his wealth of experiences. He teaches you how to meet more people, build finer relationships, and better nurture the ones you already have.

The Power of 2 gives you the edge in getting results by sharing these wonderful gifts:

  • How to create verbal magic and become a people magnet.
  • The secrets of expanding your sphere of influence by using The Power of 2 business card technique.
  • How to build the sincere, long-lasting, loyal, productive relationships of peak performers.
  • How to turn more contacts into contracts.
  • Creative approaches to overcoming the relationship challenges of communicating electronically.
  • How to create an automatic can-do spirit to eliminate procrastination and stagnation.
  • The Ten Commandments of High-Touch Relationship Building.
  • How to receive gratitude in the form of referrals, new Leadership, and greater cooperation.

The Power of 2 philosophy will transform every area of your work and life. You'll learn why it's essential to care about others and build relationships. It's the best way to make a difference, reach worthwhile dreams and goals, and have a truly rich life experience.

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