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  • Productivity Over Procrastination Bundle!
  • Productivity Over Procrastination Bundle!
  • Productivity Over Procrastination Bundle!
  • Productivity Over Procrastination Bundle!
  • Productivity Over Procrastination Bundle!

Productivity Over Procrastination Bundle!

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Make 2017 the year you deal with those lingering issues. This bundle is guaranteed to get you off the procrastination sideline and into the productivity zone!! This hand-picked collection will put you on the path to conquering time poverty and a lack of focus to leading yourself to success! Don't kick the can down the road anymore. It's time to take action and resolve those lingering issues for once and for all.


The CEO of You: Leading Yourself to Success by Marsha Petrie Sue

This book Is for You. Never before has one book contained so much for you to achieve more. Departmentalize your life to build the structure for successful momentum. You will be able to better lead people, communicate effectively in difficult situations, become resilient to life's difficulties, manage your time and receive the success you deserve.

Ultimate Productivity: A Customized Guide to Discovering Your Personal Plan to Success by Jim Stovall

In Ultimate Productivity, Jim Stovall strikes at the heart of success and failure by uncovering the secret to maximum productivity. Natural and human resources abound, but how they are harnessed to create personal success is determined by ingenuity and productivity. This book reveals this secret by helping a person discover and release core strengths in the three critical areas for maximum success: motivation, communication, and implementation. In the final analysis, this book teaches an invaluable lesson: a person cannot be judged in comparison to anyone or anything but only in the reflection of our individualized mirror that reveals our hidden potential. Ultimate Productivity will help unlock that potential by enabling a person to formulate a customized plan that perfectly fits their unique productivity and leadership style.

Overcoming Time Poverty: How to Achieve More by Working Less by Bill Quain, Ph.D.

Bill Quain's newest book is "just in time" to solve our biggest problem—not enough time!! Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is worried about it, but what is the solution? In this ground-breaking book, Bill Quain shows people why they have no time. Then he gives his readers 5 simple steps for Overcoming Time Poverty by building more wealth with less work.

 It's About Time: how to Get Twice as Much Done in Half the Time by Mark Matteson


In It's About TIME, bestselling author Mark Matteson gets right to the point with tested, effective methods to help you

  • Find more time each and every day
  • Prioritize your tasks for maximum efficiency
  • Accomplish your short- and long-term goals
  • Achieve your lifelong ambitions and dreams

Don't waste another second! Read It's About TIME today and give yourself the time you need to live the life of your dreams.

 AND YOUR FREE GIFT! A complimentary copy of THAT SOMETHING by William W. Woodbridge

William W. Woodbridge originally wrote That Something as a means of bringing success to and "performing miracles" in the lives of many men and women, and it became one of his most popular titles.

William Woodbridge's life-changing short stories gained widespread recognition from many of the prominent leaders and dignitaries of his time. Thomas Edison remarked, "I have read That Something. It tells the whole story." And Emerson Harrington said, "It is a message that ought to go out to all men everywhere."

Paul J. Meyer, the author and pioneer of the self-improvement industry whose programs have sold more than two billion dollars worldwide, attributes much of his success to his ability to harness William Woodbridge's That Something and make it work for him.

"That Something is real power as truly as the electric current. It is the power of the inner being, the fuel of the soul machine. It is the one thing necessary.

"The success of people everywhere depends alone on awakening That Something of their soul."



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