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  • Racing To Win: Establish Your Game Plan For Success

Author: Joe Gibbs
ISBN: 9781590521557
Pages: 300
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2003

Racing To Win: Establish Your Game Plan For Success

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For your team, your business oryour family, the pressure is on. One tough judgement call can make or break you. Don't get sidelined by a critical error. Learn what Joe Gibbs discovered through a lifetime of personal and career challenges and start racing to win. The only man ever to lead teams to championships in two major sports shares the guiding principles he lives by. Calling his plays by the bestselling Book of all time, this first-person, insider's account tells you what made Joe Gibbs a believer—in God, in his team members, and in himself. His incredible story of triumph and defeat in the high-stakes world of professional sports and in life will make you a believer too. Navigate the ins and outs of a lifetime of career, financial, relationship, moral, and health decisions with Joe Gibbs—a man who has taken home sport's most prestigious prizes, the Super Bowl trophy and NASCAR's Winston Cup. Joe knows how to take a tight turn when it comes to making life choices and how to build a team that will finish well.

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