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  • Road To Happiness Is Full Of Potholes

Author: Tim Connor
ISBN: 9780937539286
Pages: 174
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1998

Road To Happiness Is Full Of Potholes

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Everyone wants to be happy. While some people seem to have found the fountain of happiness, most people are searching in vain for this elusive quality of life. It isn't that happiness is not possible or not worth the effort to achieve but that most people are looking for it in the wrong places.

  • In this exciting book, Tim Connor shares:
  • Where you won't find happiness.
  • Where you can find happiness.
  • Why most people are not happy.
  • A 100 question questionnaire to help you identify why you are not happy.
  • The forty common traits of happy people.
  • A number of common potholes that prevent people from being happy.
  • Several lists of dos and don'ts regarding happiness.

This insightful book will help you find the missing ingredient in your life that, once understood, will help you find lasting happiness.

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