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  • Seasons of Life

Author: Jim Rohn
ISBN: 9780939490004
Pages: 125
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2002

Seasons of Life

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The Seasons of Life is intended for reading by all people, and for all reasons. It is a philosophical glimpse into the common threads interwoven among the laws of nature and man. It uniquely defines how both life and business are like the changing seasons.

The Seasons of Life could have been written by any of us, for its is the story of all of us. It studies both triumph and tragedy... the effect both have on the ultimate quality of our individual lives. The words written within these pages are basic to the ideas and insights created by Jim Rohn, and are covered in his many seminars across America and around the world.

The Seasons of Life will, at a future point in time, be looked upon as the cornerstone of new thought...capable of transforming people and organizations, from the valleys of mediocrity, to the peaks of achievement. It is the forerunner of many creations to be produced and marketed by Jim Rohn International. It abounds in inspriation, capsulizes truth, and clearly identifies guidelines for those in search of the better life.

For those seeking the discovery of themselves, this book may well be the key which will unlock the door to a whole new world of accomplishment and contentment.

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