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  • Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales

Author: Jack Kinder Jr. and Garry Kinder
ISBN: 9781933715056
Pages: 175
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 1995

Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales

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This book grew out of the discovery, in 1986, of an unpublished manuscript by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich. Hill had organized the text as a series of seventeen lessons, apparently to be taught in a seminar context, each lesson based on one of the Seventeen Principles of Success that he and W. Clement Stone developed when they worked together on seminars and books, including the self-help classic Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. The Kinder Brothers, two outstanding life-insurance sales-persons have written this book using some of the Hill material. They share what they call a “value-added” approach to selling and refer to the buyer-oriented approach of “need selling rather than greed selling.”



“For years, the Kinder Brothers have provided selling concepts and processes that have stood the test of time. This book is a must read for those professionals who desire to maintain their performance edge while serving today's clients.”

Lou Cassara
CEO and Founder, The Cassara Clinic, LLC


“I have known the Kinder brothers, their accomplishments and their concepts, for almost half a century and I am one of their fans. Their materials and systems have always been cutting edge and they have positively impacted the lives of multi thousands of practitioners for two generations of financial advisors. This new book once again is a great example of what practitioners should do to achieve their dreams in the 21st century. As the book clearly states, the wonderful and appropriate contents will only work when the reader has the passion and commitment to apply those great ideas and the discipline to stick with it until they become as one. I highly recommend this book for all practicing and aspiring financial advisor professionals.”
Norman G. Levine, CLU, CHFC, RFC

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