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  • Success System That Never Fails (Paperback)

Author: W. Clement Stone
ISBN: 9780937539972
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2004

Success System That Never Fails (Paperback)

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With a new introduction by Richard M. Ravin!

What do you want most out of life? Recognition? Money? Health? Happiness? Prestige? Love?

All of these things and more can be yours if you follow just a few simple rules and put to work a revolutionary new formula.

Very little separates you from success. There is small difference between you and the great people of history. Most of them achieved their greatness not because of great intellect, but because they used the latent power within them to drive themselves up to the top. And you can do it too!

How successful you are—in any of your desires—is simply a matter of the right mental attitude and using the easy-to-follow principles in this book. Within these pages is an amazing new concept that shows how success can be reduced to a formula—to a system that never fails.

As you read this book something wonderful will begin to happen: you will acquire new knowledge... gain experience... become inspired. Soon you will recognize the ingredients for success. You will wonder why you have let life hold back these riches from you. But they will be held back no longer. Soon you will be enjoying them to the fullest.

Now you will be able to judge your abilities and the powerful potential within you. Now you will see how the right mental attitude will develop your own individual success system. Now you will learn how to use that success system to obtain the true riches of life.

W. Clement Stone, the author of this book, held back none of the secrets that brought him the riches of life.

He gives you:

SELF HELP CHARTS — to spot check your interests, your talents, your desires so that you can make a self analysis of your present degree of success. the startling new SUCCESS INDICATOR — that will help you wash away bad habits and automatically acquire those which lead to success. a wonderful new TIME RECORDER — that shows you how to budget your time to get more than you ever dreamed out of your social and business lives.

But that isn't all. Stone shows you:

    • how to do twice as much in half the time.
    • how to overcome timidity.
    • how temporary failures can become permanent successes.
    • How to have the courage to enter the unknown.
    • how to use the hidden channels of your mind.
    • how wealth is made.

...and much, much more...

The Success System That Never Fails is the golden key to a glittering future. You have only to put it to use.

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