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  • The Race: Life's Greatest Lesson

Author: Dee Groberg
ISBN: 9780446533072
Format: Hardcover

The Race: Life's Greatest Lesson

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The lesson of rising each time we fall is brought to life in this unforgettable inspirational gift book from Mac Anderson, the former CEO and founder of Successories, based on the poem written by Dee Groberg. An illustrated poem, The Race tells the heart-wrenching story of a boy in a footrace hoping to win, but falling again and again. Each time he wants to give up, knowing, pace by pace, that he has lost any chance of winning and that his dad, watching from a distance, will be disappointed. But each time he gets back up and runs as hard as he can. For in his heart he can hear the voice of his dad: 'You haven't lost at all; for winning is no more than this, to rise each time you fall.' As the boy finishes the race the crowd cheers as loudly for him as for the winner, and his father's proud look is his true reward. With poignant color photographs and type treatments throughout, this book will make a wonderful motivational gift for those in need of its encouraging message.

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