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  • Think & Grow Rich: A Latino Choice

Author: Lionel Sosa
ISBN: 9780345485618
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2006

Think & Grow Rich: A Latino Choice

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"There is nothing that belief plus a burning desire cannot make real."
—Napoleon Hill

By applying the proven principles of preparation, competence, hard work, and sincerity devised by legendary motivational author Napoleon Hill, Lionel Sosa advanced from painting signs at $1.10 an hour to running the largest Hispanic ad agency in America. In this indispensable guide to prosperity, Sosa shares his inspiring story of achievement, as well as those of other respected members of the Latino community, including:
  • Alberto Gonzales, who rose from humble roots in San Antonio and Houston to become the first Hispanic attorney general of the United States
  • Linda Alvarado, who defied both racism and sexism to head the biggest construction company in America led by a woman
  • Jeff Valdez and Bruce Barshop, the team that created SiTV, the first and only twenty-four-hour English-language cable channel aimed at Latinos
  • Patricia Diaz Dennis, who triumphed over many obstacles and personal tragedy to serve as the first Latina chair of the Girl Scouts in the United States
In a clear and encouraging voice, Sosa reveals how Napoleon Hill's positive, practical, and empowering ideas can help Latinos overcome self-esteem issues, thrive while embracing change, and map a clear-cut plan to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

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