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  • Wisdom of the Ages (Paperback)

Author: Jim Stovall
ISBN: 9780937539538

Wisdom of the Ages (Paperback)

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A novel by the author of The Ultimate Gift!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was an enchanted kingdom ruled by a benevolent and much-loved king who, through his uncommon wisdom and insight, led his people through many difficult times to a period of peace, prosperity and happiness such as the kingdom had never known.

Now, nearing the end of his reign, the king contemplates his legacy. What would be a fitting memorial to his time on the throne? A monument to rival the pyramids of Egypt? A gold coin bearing his likeness? A colossal statue carved in his image? No. Such an enlightened ruler would choose a very different kind of memorial...

From the far corners of the realm, ordinary citizens are invited to the Throne Room to express the greatest wisdom that life has taught them. Farmers and physicians, hunters and historians, jesters and judges—all come before the monarch. From the wisdom that they share, the king will select that one bit that surpasses all the others, wisdom that will be passed around the world, wisdom that will benefit all people from all lands, forever: The Wisdom of the Ages.

But as the king hears from more and more of his subjects, he becomes worried and restless. From so much profound and wonderful wisdom, how will he discern the Wisdom of the Ages? How will he know when he has found it? The answer comes in a form that no one, from the king to the lowliest peasant, could expect, for the greatest wisdom comes from the most unexpected of places...


Book Review by Dr. Louis Sportelli

I picked up Wisdom of the Ages and could not put it down until the last page was read.

How wonderful to read such sage advice written with the simplicity of youth and the wisdom of the aged. How refreshing to read a book that in its very simplicity lies the complexity of the universe.

The book was a breath of fresh air in the complicated world we live in today. It is a testimony to simplicity and the avalanche of technology that has given way to empty promises, unrealistic promises and promises that will compromise ones values and beliefs.

This book is so wonderful in its message and so meaningful in its insight that it should be a must read for every person who wants to shed the burden ot trying to find meaning in complexity and emerge with a greater understanding because of the essence of the message of this book.

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