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Tracey C. Jones

You Need a Speaker Who Speaks Your Language: Tracey Jones

With a wealth of experience spanning her days as a US Air Force officer during the First Gulf War to her many roles in business and industry with Fortune 500 companies, Tracey has the background and the knowledge to help raise your organization to the next level of excellence.

Put Tracey’s proven track record to work for you!


A gifted leader and tremendous motivational speaker, Tracey C. Jones is the perfect choice to keynote your next big event!


  • Award-winning business leader, author, entrepreneur
  • With topics ranging from Does This Excuse Make My But Look Big? to The Laws of Leadership, Tracey C. Jones brings a unique blend of wonderful wit and tremendous teaching to every keynote presentation
  • Every Tracey Talk is uniquely created for each of her audiences.
  • Each presentation is filled to the brim with real-life experience. And every talk comes straight from the heart!

Leadership Expert, Entrepreneur, Veteran, Author, Scholar, and so much more!

Whether you need a tremendous speaker for your event’s keynote address or a talented teacher for your organization’s sales force, Tracey C. Jones is an outstanding choice. Tracey spent decades perfecting her leadership skills – both in the military and in corporate boardrooms. Now YOU can put her wealth of knowledge, experience and hands-on know-how to work for your team!

"Tracey gave a spectacular speech. I heard numerous positive comments about her theme and the impact it had. She is tremendous..."

-Larry Dittmann, President/CEO, ExecuStar

"I want to thank you once again for serving as the keynote speaker at our HRG Leadership Development Program. You did a great job integrating your comments and observations on leadership with the content of our program."

-Joe Deibert, SPHR, CMS, SHRM-SCP; Director of Human Resources, Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.

"Tracey’s presentation of Sales Leadership to our management team members was exactly what we wanted.  She understood our needs, and truly connected with our team members. I recommend Tracey Jones and Tremendous Life Books to you without reservation."

-Barb Roth, VP HR & Marketing, AAA Central Penn

"Tracey Jones is a tremendous speaker and presenter who can inspire and impact people of all ages.  Tracey is wonderfully effective at helping to promote individual growth and valuable lessons for success."

-Matt Lane Executive Director of College Advancement Central Penn College

"I can't begin to describe what a pleasure it was having you as our guest speaker today. We've received positive feedback from several people about your energizing and inspirational presentation."

-Deb Michalski, Sales & Marketing Representative, Gannett-Fleming

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Some of Tracey's recent speaking engagements include:


United Way
REBOOT - Combat Recovery PAHCOM HRP of CPA
OK Ethics Grace Bible College

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Recent Blogs

Lead Like a Tree

As leaders, we wear many hats. We are optimists, encouragers, ethicists, decision-makers, saviors, and sense-makers. So just like the mighty forests, we must do the same for ourselves and our organization. We need to be intentional about who we allow in our forest. After all, you cannot get it right without the right people. We need to stay nourished as well because leading others, although incredibly uplifting, can also be unbelievably draining. We must deal with bureaucracies, laws, budgets, attitudes, and global issues. To stay above the fray, we need to make sure our roots go deep; so deep that when the winds of change or fires of crisis come into our forest, we can not only survive, but thrive.

Waiting for Chewbacca

Life is tremendous, it really is. It’s even more tremendous when you find your Chewbacca. But here’s the thing; you don’t find your Chewbacca; your Chewbacca finds you. Maybe a wonderful Wookiee will come into your life for a season, maybe for a lifetime; but you’ll know it when it happens. We are all coded to be relational, from an evolutionary as well as a spiritual standpoint. None of us can fly the Millennium Falcon of our lives alone.

The Importance of Being Learned

If you are considering going back to school, may I tell you how it changed my life and how it will change yours? After 35 years of leading others, I thought I pretty much knew most of what was out there. Boy, was I wrong. I can now approach the covenant of leadership with the street smarts of a practitioner and the books smarts of a scholar. That is indeed a blend of two tremendous worlds!

Seeing Through the Clouds

Just because you can’t see your end goal right now, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Don’t think because your desires are obscured, they’ve vanished. Respect yourself enough to know that you are meant to be in the position you are in. Realize that clouds come over every person’s head. Rejoice that your victory remains yours to claim no matter how overcast the future appears. The clouds of life are merely incidental reminders that no matter what comes over our heads, it is what’s inside that matters most and will always shine through.

You've Never Met a Wise Man With a Bald Chin

My point isn’t that you need to stop listening to men with bald chins. My point is that if you listen to what’s going on around you and become genuinely interested in others, you too become wiser. My point is also that you need to be intentional about surrounding yourself with those who can build you up and hold you accountable.

Falling Apart or Falling Into Place?

Unless you are broken, you cannot be transformed. You need to melt the ice before it can be remolded. If you want to be a vessel that is poured out in service to others, you must be put in the kiln repeatedly in temperatures over 1,000 degrees.

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