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Reach versus Reciprocity

Reach versus Reciprocity

Tracey Jones

This blog is for those of us who have sought out these groups yet failed to form a quality professional partnership. We have been taken by the transactors and not blessed by the transformers. Yet we instinctively know that great people beget great people, and we need to be in groups of individuals who have gone where we want to go. Like in love, we may get burned or have our hearts broken, yet we keep trying to find that one particular person who brings out the best version of us til death do us part. Too often, a "reach" feels more like a request for money in exchange for a good or service. How many times do we get the automatic sales pitch on LinkedIn or Facebook after connecting with someone! That’s not cross-pollinating; that self-promotion. Read more...

In the Woke or In the Wake?

In the Woke or In the Wake?

Tracey Jones
Did my father and I agree on everything? Absolutely not. He grew up in a different time, with varying experiences of life, and we did disagree on many topics. However, the life force of DNA is that you keep the original strand yet unlock other variations that stay true to the core. On the core principles of life, our value congruence was inextricably linked... Read more
Couldn’t We All Use Some Therapy

Couldn’t We All Use Some Therapy

Tracey Jones
Everyone should be in therapy. It’s good for the body, mind, and soul. It helps unpack baggage and enables us to deconstruct the mysteries that vex us in life. In The Three Therapies of Life, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones shares practical and applicable ways to heal yourself so you can continue to impact others and change lives. I uncovered this material from a DVD I found. It was recorded back in the ’90s when my father was in his heyday (which was technically every day). In this message, he spoke to an audience of fellow speakers and presenters at the National Speakers Association (NSA). His words rang truer to my ears and heart than they ever had before. I guess I needed some “Tremendous” therapy. Read more...

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