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The Art of Tremendous by Tracey C. Jones

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From Scary to Merry

From Scary to Merry

Tracey Jones
It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, yet for many, Christmas 2020 is turning out to be the most frightening time of the year. Let’s alter our perspective on what’s swirling around in our heads. Christmas wasn’t always so merry and bright. If we go back to the first couple of Christmases, there was plenty of fear and angst there as well. Let’s look at our ancestors and see how they handled events.
All Things Involve Poetry and Plumbing by Sam Pearson

All Things Involve Poetry and Plumbing by Sam Pearson

Tracey Jones
One of the requirements for the Communication major is to complete an internship, and I am so excited to be learning from Tracey Jones at her publishing company, Tremendous Leadership. From the moment I stepped through the door, I felt welcomed and right at home among the stacks of books. I can’t wait to learn all about the publishing industry, from the glamour side that Tracey calls “poetry” to the behind-the-scenes work she dubs “plumbing.”
Would You Rather be Bigger or Better?

Would You Rather be Bigger or Better?

Tracey Jones
Too often, humble beginnings yield to showers of prosperity via explosive growth. Suppose we are not vigilant in allowing only the best to take up a residential roost. In that case, we experience mission drift and impurity. Let this parable warn us that bigger isn’t always better, and growth has burdens associated with it as well.

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