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The Contentment Journal

The Contentment Journal

Tracey Jones
How often do we interrupt the counting of our blessings with a critical arrow? Our bellies are full, and yet we bellyache. Even when our cups runneth over, however, we mourn like they are running out.  We thank God for our daily bread, yet the next words out of our mouth bemoan tomorrow's anticipated scarcity. 
Thanks to the Heroes, We Can Be Heroes

Thanks to the Heroes, We Can Be Heroes

Tracey Jones
So, while every Veteran values hearing those words, "Thank you for your service," what we long to see and hear is, "Thanks to you, I can and will be a hero too.” After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and we didn't put our lives on the line to watch our great nation fall into chaos. Unity and respect for our flag and Constitution is the responsibility of all, both in and out of uniform.
When Your Vision is Opaque

When Your Vision is Opaque

Tracey Jones
We talk a lot about purpose. In the world of personal development, all roads lead back to definitiveness of purpose. We need to continue to hone that purpose because specialists make more money than general practitioners. We need to get crystal clear on who we are going after in our mission or ministry marketplace. After all, this is 2020, so we should be seeing with double clarity! Read more...

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