• Ebook - It Takes Less Than One Minute to Suit Up for the Lord

Author: Ken Blanchard
Pages: 109
Format: Ebook

Ebook - It Takes Less Than One Minute to Suit Up for the Lord

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Ken Blanchard wanted to give something very special to his family and friends one Christmas. So he sat down and wrote about the most important thing in his life: his journey to God.

That extended letter became this book. In it, Ken writes about this new life with the same warm conversational style that helped turn The One Minute Manager, co-authored with Spencer Johnson, into an international bestseller. He puts aside religious jargon to bring to spiritual life a practical, everyday approach that anyone can follow.

It Takes Less Than One Minute to Suit Up for the Lord is more than simply the account of a journey to faith. For, as Ken will tell you, the journey's not complete. Sustained growth requires discipline. So Ken shares what has worked for him, how faith sinks in and affects daily life, and how it touches business and family. Ken also shows how, in his words, you can "get off the bench, suit up, and get into the game."

For Ken Blanchard, his journey began with an acceptance of the simple truth that God loved him. It was a rediscovery of a faith once known in childlike innocence, a faith strong enough to support him as an adult. Ken's journey is for all who wonder how the best in life can be made even better.

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