• Ebook - Second Nature Selling: A Revolutionary Way to Discover Your Unique Sales Personality

Author: Dennis Gorman and Donald Shores
ISBN: 9781936354177
Pages: 112
Format: Ebook

Ebook - Second Nature Selling: A Revolutionary Way to Discover Your Unique Sales Personality

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With a foreword by Don Hutson

Are you on the cutting edge for sales success?

Whether purchasing copy machines or purchasing real estate, millions of consumers worldwide are using cutting-edge technology to influence buying decisions more than ever before. Historically, the salesperson's function was to deliver information on a face-to-face basis. With the rise of the transactional buyer, it is more important than ever to provide the customers with information through their preferred form. Second Nature Selling will help you balance the use of timeless relationship-building strategies combined with modern transactional buying technologies for maximum sales success.

Since the advent of the Internet there has been an accelerated growth of transactional buyers who utilize modern technology and have little interest in dealing with salespeople. With no salesperson to guide the process, the transactional buyer can independently make huge mistakes. This leaves the transactional buyer vulnerable to misinformation on the Web. This is an opportunity for the second nature salesperson to provide important information — but only if that information is provided in a format the buyer will respect and use. Second Nature Selling answers the question of how to effectively deal with this new class of buyer.

So what is second nature selling? Why is it different from other selling systems you have been taught? Why does it work? First, it is not a system; there are no sequential steps to perform the perfect sale. This book shares basic elements with you and shows you how to use them in creating your own sales personality. Highly successful salespeople apply these elements automatically, almost instinctively. In addition to discovering why traditional sales methodologies are becoming obsolete, you will learn how to transform you personality, how to always seek action, how to be a problem solver, how to create helpful presentations, how to develop a valuable network, how to properly focus on product knowledge, and how to effectively use technology and develop a thorough and accurate website — an absolute necessity in the professional sales process.




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