• Full Day Tremendous Coaching Session


Full Day Tremendous Coaching Session

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Full Day Tremendous Coaching Session

If you're ready for a deep-dive into your personal and professional goals, desires and ambitions, then this is the package for you. Designed with you mind, the session is an intensive observation and planning session geared to help you develop a clearly defined plan for making your Next Chapter absolutely tremendous. Included in this package are:

  • a 30-minute pre-meeting phone call to create a personal connection and discuss your goals for the session
  • a full day (6-hour session), all-encompassing session designed to help you uncover your true path toward reaching your goals and leaving your mark in a way that is aligned with your talents, values, and desires; the Full Day Tremendous session is best delivered in person, but can be conducted through Skype (in-person sessions are dependent on location and are at the discretion of Ms. Jones)
  • Three-page summary outlining discoveries from the session, as well as tools for immediate application

Infuse your life with sparks of inspiration and creative personal development. Invest in making your Next Chapter worthy of your personal value.  

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