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  • Sit. Stay. Succeed! Management Lessons from Man's Best Friend

Author: Michael Patterson
ISBN: 9781936354306
Pages: 92
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2012

Sit. Stay. Succeed! Management Lessons from Man's Best Friend

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Treat Your Employees Like... Dogs?!?!

(It's a better idea than you might think... especially if you want to succeed!)

Your company is challenged all the time to be the best. To be successful, your employees need to constantly meet—and frequently exceed—the expectations of customers, business partners, and everyone in between. And the best way to get the best from your employees is to treat them like dogs!

In Sit. Stay. Succeed!, Michael Patterson places into your hands his system for managing, training, coaching and motivating the members of an organization so that they will exceed expectations. It's a system straight from the "dog's" mouth. No bones about it!

If you are the "Top Dog," you'll be able to effectively turn "bones of contention" into "bones of retention" as you strengthen employee morale and loyalty.

If you are a pack leader, you'll be able to get the maximum potential from each and every employee each and every time.

Even if you are merely the pup of the group, what you'll learn will help you to leap over obstacles and advance your way to the top.

Take a few tips from man's best friend (and Michael Patterson, too) and watch your organization excel in the 21st century.




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