The Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change forms in which its energy is redistributed. But this basic Law of Physics, although integral in understanding all things in the physical realm, has little to do with anything that makes us distinctly human. Those mechanics are far more nebulous and fall under the Law of Leadership. Take a look at your natural born attributes or talents. Why is it at times in your career you are a hot tamale, while other times you are a cold fish? It’s because of the Use or Lose Law of Leadership. This is not far-fetched. We hear this all the time from doctors. If you don’t use your mental faculties or muscles, they will atrophy. If you’re not using what you have, you’re losing it. It is not converting to another form; it is gone. The great thing about the Law of Leadership, however, is that if you use what you have, you get more of it! If you don’t share it, it’s a waste. Hence, success, happiness, love and wealth can indeed be created and, in fact, must be in order to survive. This simple Law of Leadership affects all areas of our lives. For example, do you believe there is a finite amount of wealth in the world that subsequently must be redistributed? Or do you believe that wealth can be created and its supply unlimited? Do you believe that you only have a certain amount of days of hard work or acts of good will in you? Or do you believe that the harder you work and the more you do for others actually creates more goodwill and opportunity? When you really consider what the Law of Leadership means for you, it can revolutionize your approach to life.

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