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The Books We Keep

We all have them.  The books that reached us just at the right time, given by just the right person.  What was your first keepsake book?  The book that seemed like it was written just for you.  Does it still occupy a special place on your bookshelf or did you pass it along with the kindest of intentions?  Keepsake books come in all shapes, sizes and topics.  They can be literary classics, inspirational stories or professional development resources.  What makes them keepsakes is the spirit in which they were given (or discovered).  In the spirit of new beginnings and the excitement that comes with new adventures, consider giving a book that could change a life...a book that could reach someone in the same way the keepsake books you treasure reached you.  Here are a few of our best recommendations for books that can change a life.  Remember, a life can change with the turn of a page.  Congratulations to the Class of 2017 and all those venturing out into uncharted territories!

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