• How to Tell What You Know

Author: Arthur Secord
ISBN: 9781933715889
Pages: 93
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2007

How to Tell What You Know

How to Tell What You Know

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How to Tell What You Know is a handbook for managers or executives on every level of industry or business—leaders who are promoted because of what they know, and who must convey that key information to others. In down-to-earth, practical language it gives the answers to your daily communication problems in the shop, office or showroom—answers tested for years by one of the foremost speakers and teachers in North American business life.

Arthur Secord tells you how to make contact—how to speak in the language of your audience—whether that audience is one new worker at a complicated machine, or a crowded sales conference. He shows you how powerful an illustration or example can be—the right example for each case. He tells you when to use praise—how much and how often—and what kind—and he also warns you not to use praise in some management situations, even though glib ivory-tower theorists say just the opposite! He shows you how to get to the point—the one point at a time that you need to impress upon your personnel or colleagues if you are to make headway. He explains how one little word can spell the difference between success and failure in safety talks, posters, or foreman's instructions. Above all, Mr. Secord shows how your ability to communicate correctly will build up confidence in you among your colleagues and employees—confidence that will result in dollars-and-cents progress for the company—and advancement for you.

How to Tell What You Know has earned the enthusiastic approval of top management authorities throughout the United States and Canada. In your office or shop it will break through the communication bottleneck in every department, every day.

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