Tanya Turgeon & Princess Gracie

I was first introduced to Pitbulls when I adopted Elsie in 2006 in New York City. In nearly ten years together we took on many projects including painting, a road trip, and social media to promote Pitbull positivity, shelter dog adoption, and canine cancer awareness. When Elsie passed away in March 2016, I was left heartbroken. Less than two weeks later, the rescue group Mr. Bones & Co. shared a video on social media of a Pitbull they were helping whose face was covered in dog bites, including a severely infected jowl. I was touched by how friendly this dog was behaving in spite of clearly painful injuries. A few days later I was able to meet this sweet Pitbull, named Princess Grace, and the rest is history.

Elli, one of the co-founders of Mr. Bones & Co., told me, “Princess Grace’s story needs to be shared and I know you will do that.” I have been on a mission ever since to continue the legacy of education and advocacy that Elsie began through P. Gracie’s own unique strengths; which include learning tricks, kissing people, bringing joy to social media, and writing her first children’s book thanks to the incredible support, guidance, and resources offered through the team at Tremendous Leadership’s Pet Publishing.

“The Pittie and the Peasant” is the fairy tale themed version of Gracie’s real life rescue story. We hope it illustrates how everyone can truly make a difference in their own unique way and that every kind deed is equally important. We aim to celebrate the individuals who came together as a community to help save Princess Grace and give her the life she deserves. We are so grateful to have been connected with Tremendous Leadership (thank you Elsie, Barb, and Tracey) so that it will be possible to share Gracie’s story with a younger generation in hopes of inspiring a kinder generation.

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