A Professional Development Book Club for

Modern Day Leaders

When Charlie "Tremendous" Jones founded this company over 50 years ago he knew the value of lifelong learning. At Tremendous Leadership we strive to provide resources, curriculum and guided discussion materials to help nurture the lifelong learners in your business or organization. 

Rally and inspire your team to new heights through lively discussions centered around thoughtfully curated books that get to the core of professional development. 

Each month, for roughly one-third of an average hour's wage, you can provide each employee on your team with with tools to maximize efficiency, exceed their goals and strengthen the core competencies that make or break an organization. You already have the vision if you're reading this page. Now, you just need to ask yourself if enhanced professional development for your staff is worth an extra 20 minutes worth of pay. 

Each month's selection fosters dialogue and team spirit within your organization, introduces new concepts and ideas, and is guaranteed to educate, motivate and inspire! And, the best part is we do all the legwork for you! We select the books, ship them to you, provide the discussion guides and can even beam in and lead virtual discussions with your team. 

Contact us today to let us tailor a program that's perfect for your tremendous team.