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  • Breakthrough Speaking

Author: Mark Sanborn
ISBN: 9781936354344
Pages: 48
Format: Paperback
Publish Date: 2012

Breakthrough Speaking

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I often advise and coach executives and professional speakers. For leaders, the ability to communicate well and speak persuasively is a critical skill. All professional speakers, myself included, can continue to improve their skills. To answer the questions I’m most frequently asked and share some of the insights I’'ve learned from 25 years of professional speaking, I'’ve written Breakthrough Speaking

Anyone with the courage to speak publicly can deliver a speech, but breakthrough speakers inspire listeners to take action. If you have a message to deliver—one that you sincerely believe in—and your philosophy moves you to want to inspire and change people, the best way to reach them is by mastering Breakthrough Speaking!

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE



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