• CD-6 Steps for Successful Selling


CD-6 Steps for Successful Selling

CD-6 Steps for Successful Selling

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Cajoling, exhorting, fulminating, pleading, warning, uplifting, and bubbling over with enthusiasm and practical advice.  Yes, all these things... and still the essential element is missing, the element that makes Cavett Robert unique.  It's the honey.  It's the thick aged honey of his voice, the golden liquid sound that underlies and underlines everything he says...the honey that betrays his beginnings.  His birthplace was Starkville, Mississippi, his BA degree was earned at the University of Mississippi, and his law degree from Washington and Lee University, Virginia.  If you doubt any of this, just listen to him; the honey will prove it.

Underneath the silky smoothness of the presentation lies the background of years in sales and marketing, all the practical experience of adding, "people knowledge" to produce his concept of "human-eering."

Public Speaking is for Cavett in some sense a third, culminative and cumulating career, although they all overlap.  In the beginning, he was a lawyer. Then he used those skills to develop his expertise in insurance and real estate.  Finally, he became a public speaker par excellence, winning awards that would take most of this issue to list.

Cavett is called "the Dean of Public Speakers" because of his founding of the National Speakers Association.  Now, when that group makes its annual award to the year's outstanding public speaker, the award presented is called the "Cavett" and it is regarded among public speakers much the way the Oscars is among actors.

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