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  • Ebook - Path of the Genie: Your Journey to Your Heart's Desire

Author: Dilip R. Abayasekara
Pages: 126
Format: Ebook

Ebook - Path of the Genie: Your Journey to Your Heart's Desire

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The Path of the Genie is for the person who wants to live a life that is full of meaning, significance, and fulfillment. It is directed to individuals who want a sense of joy and power in who they are and what they do. It is for anyone who asks the question, "Isn't there more to life than this?"

Based on truths derived from the story of Aladdin, The Path of the Genie extracts powerful examples for living from pivotal points in Aladdin's story. You will discover the keys to getting rid of negative forces along with the transforming powers of humility, self-discovery, and self-offering.

Whatever your heart's desire, The Path of the Genie is your roadmap to personal fulfillment.

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