• Ebook - Stumbling Onto Success!: Turning Mistakes Into Masterpieces

Author: Dave Romeo
Pages: 142
Format: Ebook

Ebook - Stumbling Onto Success!: Turning Mistakes Into Masterpieces

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What do you do when your past collides into your present?

Nineteen years after a devastatingly painful breakup, the unthinkable happens. The person you once thought you were meant to spend your entire life with re-emerges from out of nowhere. Yet, from this unexpected turn of events comes the most powerful discovery of a lifetime. As a result, and completely by accident, many of life's greatest lessons are revealed, explained and understood. In his latest book, Dave Romeo challenges you to also stumble onto success by following these simple lessons:

  • Coming to Terms with the Way Things were Supposed to Be
  • How to Fight Back Against the Dumbing Down of America
  • Four Little Words That Will Challenge You
  • How to Set and Achieve Any Goal
  • Change Your Life with One Powerful Question
  • Take Control of Your Finances
  • Capture and Collect Little Pieces of Paradise
  • Developing Accidental Brilliance
  • Likability Counts!
  • Two Simple Steps to Guarantee Success in Every Job
  • The Best Things in Life Are Free

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