• MP3 - Laws of Leadership Audio Bundle


MP3 - Laws of Leadership Audio Bundle

MP3 - Laws of Leadership Audio Bundle


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Now you can build your leadership skills and business with a low-cost, high-content audio collection that is life-changing yet easy to understand! This set of extraordinary audio files contains a copy of each of the following from our Laws of Leadership Series: 

1 - Character Building
2 - Self-Improvement
3 - 7 Golden Rules of Milton Hershey
4 - The Greatest Thing in the World
5 - Kingship of Self-Control
6 - Wit and Wisdom of General George S. Patton
7 - My Conversion
8 - Science of Getting Rich
9 - The New Common Denominator of Success
10 - The Lincoln Ideals

 Remember, we also offer each of them in paperback, so you can share with your team or friends!

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