motivaionalwhyThe word to never say: “Why” Only children ask "why".  It reflects something that has transpired and is the equivalent to crying over spilt milk. It is what it is and the only possible course of action is to respond. When you ask “Why” you are reacting, most often wallowing in self pity or making an excuse for not taking action. Instead of asking “why”, ask “how” you can move forward, “how” you can ensure something does or doesn’t happen again, “how” you can benefit from the experience. motivationalwinners-never-quitThe act to never do: “Quit” You can want to quit, we all do, but don’t do it. Don’t ever give up on your dreams, your passion, or doing what you know needs to be done. If it’s getting tougher, it means you are doing it right. Trials are the precursors to triumph. You are going through the fires in order to emerge as something stronger. Don’t pull away too early or you’ll suffer a literal stress fracture. If we quit prematurely we set the stage to repeat the cycle in our next job, relationship, or group. motivationalpurpose1The thing to never forget: “Purpose” Purpose is what courses through our veins. It’s why we get up in the morning and sleep only when we absolutely have to. It’s what drives us to take action despite insurmountable odds. When we discover that something worth fighting (even dying) for, nothing can stand in our way. It’s nothing to go against all odds when you are committed to the outcome. After all, it’s your reason for being on this planet. Never ask “why”, never “quit”, and never forget you are here for a “purpose”. If you remember these three things you’ll be able to meet all the challenges life has in store to develop you and achieve your highest potential. They say “Never say never”, but in these three cases, make sure it’s the first word out of your mouth!
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That’s the spirit! Don’t ask why I’m standing in milk, ask how quick can I get into new socks:-)) After all, that’s all that truly matters! And I thank you for your wisdom, encouragement and ongoing support!!

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

Truly inspiring, Tracey, and it came at a good time. My favorite part was never asking Why?, as in, Why did this have to happen to me??

Next time I’m standing in a puddle of spilt milk, I’m not gonna cry, I’m gonna go change my socks!!

Odds are, it was time to change ’em anyway… : )

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