stool-busDo you take crap from people? Do your employees treat you, their co-workers, or, God forbid, the customer like sh%*? Is your organization clogged by something dark, sinister and stinky that just won’t budge? If so, it’s time to plunge into leadership! Getting an organization properly flowing is a lot like unstopping a clogged toilet.  And the results of neglecting to take action are just as poisonous to the organization as they are to the human body. Blocked toxins are lethal. So does your work place need a colonic? If so, it’s up to you. Roll up your sleeves and recognize the problem. It’s amazing how many folks can walk by a stopped-up organization, even be a part of it, and say and do nothing. These types of people (let’s refer to them as poople because calling people turds is so un-politically correct) have most often been lodged for some time and have not softened in the least by the flow of the organisms around them. These poople linger in their cubicle stalls doing their own business, oblivious to the grunts and strains of others, and often become a stopping point for everything else going on in the surrounding offices. They take great pride in stopping up the workday or any process with a toxic attitude or just refusing to let something pass on by them. It’s going to take some serious elbow grease and repetition. And there may be times when you think your actions are having absolutely no effect. But trust me, if you stay committed the blockage will disappear into the bowels of the earth and the clear sparkly waters will once again rise to the surface. Always remember, you can’t polish a poople, so better get to plunging now!




Thanks Mark! I had a lot of fun with this. Seriously, blocked toilets do remind me of some of the places I’ve worked in:-) That’s life and I’m glad we can laugh at it and then plunge away!!

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

Oh. My. Lord… how can I type with these tears streaming down my face??? Lord ha’ mercy, Tracey, you outdid yourself with that one! The puns were raining down like… no, no, I must suppress that thought… : P

You’re so right: pooples (haw!) never get soft over time— just the opposite! And it would be scary and sobering to know how much toxic attitudes cost business and society every year. And when one reads some of the comments left on blogs and websites, it’s easy to see that Attitude d’Toxic is alive and all too well in the age of social media…

Wonderfully witty and perceptive post— hard hats off!

And I don’t dare scroll up and look at that Stool Bus again!! : P

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