motivationaljudgingI remember back in the mid ‘90s when the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy under President Clinton was unveiled. Many of my fellow soldiers thought this relaxing of standards was wrong based on the fact that homosexuality is deviant behavior. Being analytical, I told them that adultery was as well, and we knew several soldiers who were having affairs. My point was that no sin is worse than any other sin from a Biblical standpoint, not even suicide. King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” No matter how much worldly progress we make on this planet, man is wicked to the core, plain and simple. It’s called the human condition and we all suffer from it; not just certain groups or lifestyles, all of us. You’ve got to give respect to get respect. When you come across someone who believes the Koran or the Book of Mormon and expresses their beliefs, do you vilify them? I doubt it, at least in this country. Not yet anyway. We all enjoy freedom of choice. If God gives each of us the choice between Heaven and Hell (heck, he even allowed Adam to decide what to do with the forbidden fruit), why do we need to vilify others for their choices or their beliefs? Hate the sin, not the sinner. As a Christian, I look to the Bible for my guidance on the definition of marriage. I also have several gay friends for whom I would do anything. Christ consorted with all kinds of sinners, even very righteous ones. That doesn’t mean he condoned their lifestyles; it means he loved them. There are people in other countries who will kill you for your beliefs. We don’t skeletonscloset do that in America so stop trying to condemn and verbally stone each other! The double standard is revolting. The founder of is pro-gay marriage, as is Ben and Jerry’s, yet there is no attempt to have them barred from various cities for not reflecting, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said, “the views of the city.” Tolerance and judgment are two different things. I’m a publisher of motivational material. I don’t allow negative people to rent space in my life. Does that mean I’m judging them? No! It means I do not tolerate certain attitudes. When I worked for the government I had many different clearances. That meant I could not associate with people whose lifestyles were deemed risky. Did I judge them? No! Did I tolerate hanging out with them? No. motivationalelanorThere is no requirement to personally tolerate every type of behavior or lifestyle. We are each free to set our own standards and, for many of us, those standards are Biblical. Our founding fathers fought and died to allow us these freedoms, and our nation exists so that each of us may live according to the dictates of our own conscience. Are you are a little out of step with society at large? March proudly anyway. You are free to do so.
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You are most welcome Mark! Thank you for the comments, loved the posturing and bluster comments. That’s what it’s all come down to now hasn’t it? And as always, your encouragement is what keeps me bloggin’!!

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong

Wow. Talk about a breath of fresh air. No— make that a blast of fresh air!!

Just marvelous, Tracey, and do excuse this late comment, I’ve fallen way behind in keeping up with my favorite bloggers.

That big first quote about not judging others who sin differently from you, is an absolute killer. Man, if we all followed that rule, it’d be a much quieter, more peaceful world.

And great to see ol’ King Sol in there. The deceitful heart, and it’s beyond cure. If we could only remember that! What fruitless posturing and bluster it would save, not to mention the joke known as political correctness.

Loved your statement that tolerance and judgement are two different things. Amen! Let’s hear it for intolerance, and refusing to put up with any and all who would drag us down.

Great post, keep tellin’ it like it is!! : )

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